Free time

The Riviera Ligure di Ponente, with its mild ‘all-year round’ climate, together with its renowned beautiful landscape, is particularly ideal for all activities, both sporting and non-sporting.

It is possible to enjoy nature, with simple and marvellous walks, to carry out activities at sea (for example, scuba diving and snorkelling and wind surfing and kite surfing along the coast); it is also possible to enjoy the specially chosen mountain bike routes and trekking on some of the endless mountain pathways, which can be found inland. For rock climbing lovers, it is also possible to carry out rock climbing activities on the cliffs around Finale Ligure or for paragliding lovers, to carry out this sport in the Spotorno and Noli gulfs.

We are also able to supply you with any kind of information regarding shows, outings, excursions, special food and wine festivals and any other activities that will help to make this an unforgettable experience.